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Reach out to your potential customers straight to their inbox using Nurture Mail. Easily send up to 10,000 emails in bulk at a reasonably priced price.

You can send bulk emails for as little as (price) per 10,000 emails. Throughout the design of both the software and our plans, we kept the user’s comfort as our first priority.

Small and large businesses alike will benefit from this service. Find out more about our plans here:

Tailored ecommerce marketing solutions
Tailored ecommerce marketing solutions

Our Features

Ensure high-performance and robust architecture with the help of latest technologies.

Accurate Analytics

Nurture Mail is compatible with Google Analytics, which displays organized reports so that you can monitor the performance of your campaign.

  • Google Analytics Support.
  • Accurate Reports.
  • A perfect presentation of the report.


Automate your email campaigns by setting up drip campaigns or setting a specific date for them. Make sure your subscribers don't forget you.

  • Keeps Subscribers Engaged.
  • Plan Your Campaign.
  • Hassle-Free Execution.

Everything at your fingertips

At your fingertips, you can keep track of everything that happens in your campaigns. For example, set up a rule to receive a notification few minutes before your campaign goes live.

  • Set your own rules.
  • Spectate every action
  • Easy-to-use feature.

List Segmentation

This feature lets you choose which recipient lists you want to include and exclude from your email campaigns, boosting engagement and revenue by sending your campaign to a targeted audience.

  • An increase of 25% in engagement and revenue.
  • Flexible Feature.
  • Optimized Results

Unsubscribe, Complaint, and Bounce Management:

Our software manages Bounces, Complaints, and Unsubscribes for you, so you don't have to worry about it. It is as easy as getting a drink and relaxing as the whole process is automated.

  • Real-time functionality.
  • An efficient, stress-free process.
  • Automatic Feature.


We've revolutionised the way businesses are started

Our Clients

Developing APIs for business growth is crucial. Here's why.

Backend development is essential for a business for several reasons:

Improves Time-to-Market

Backend solutions powered by APIs do not require development to be repeated across desktop, mobile and embedded environments.

An Innovative Route

The open APIs made available to developers will enable them to create new apps and websites and to run collaborative business processes.

Enhances App Scalability

Because API driven servers operate statelessly, developers can seamlessly enlarge the rest interfaces they provide over time, as development demands increase

Cost-effective Development

There are no additional complexities when working with mobile backends that cater to a wide range of OSes when API-first approaches are taken.

Develop App Capabilities

It is capable of running comprehensive databases for the purpose of collecting valuable information about users from numerous sources.

Increasing Brand Awareness

After the content has been created, you can share and publish it seamlessly to multiple channels utilizing the API access provided to you.

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