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Content Moderation Services

Advancements in Content Moderation Techniques

Setting community management standards is the first step to building an online community. The CA-One team is trained to ensure that content meets the standards you set for your community.

So your customers can feel confident in your brand, they support a safe and open platform. Content moderation works in conjunction with customer support to provide an omnichannel experience for our customers.

Online Safety Measures
Tailored ecommerce marketing solutions
Tailored ecommerce marketing solutions

The work we do

With CA-One, you can foster a welcoming and safe community

Data Mining

Managing Communities

Keep forums, blogs, applications, and other social media platforms up-to-date.

Image Editing

Preventing Fraud

Keep an eye on user activity for abnormalities.
Conduct an online transaction review.

Loyalty Management

Moderating Social Networks

Communicate according to the needs of your audience by tailoring your communication.

Data Mining

Generating Social Media Leads

Determine which conversations are relevant.
Take conversations and turn them into leads.

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A Tool for Interactive Analytics

Analysis of unstructured text data using AI & ML.
Sentiment analysis is provided.


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