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What is ezyhire?

ezyhire is a global Payroll and Workforce Hiring Platform where you can easily manage your employee’s payroll as well as you can fill roles and skill gaps quickly and confidently, whether full-time, part-time, or contract-based across 200+ countries.

ezyhire is designed for all types of organizations like small, Medium, Large, and startup businesses companies that have a team but have difficulties in managing payroll and looking for services. Apart from that we also offer employee onboarding services like hiring team, background checks, compliances, and local laws.

For Employers

easy to use Dashboard.

Here is what we at ezyhire will do in order to screen the best candidates for your posted job:

For Employers

Posting a job made easy.

  • Built in HR Selection

    Help you screen potential candidates and hassle free way to recruit new candidates

  • Reach all Job Applicants

    Get a feedback of potential candidates within 24 hours

  • Review and rate the best matches

    As applicants come in, it’s easy to see and organize them all in one place. Filter, sort, and rate your applicants so you can focus your energy and outreach on the best ones.

What ezyhire users are saying

Here is what ezyhire users are saying about the platform.

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CA-One team with passionate, professional & full creativity. Much more things that i’m expect. Really awesome & satisfied, always recommended!

Nicholas R.

Fremont, CA


I don’t know what else to say, this is something that you haven’t seen before. Extra ordinary support from team CA-One. 5 star from my side. 

Michelle L.

San Diego, CA

image (14)

It really saves me time and effort. digital marketing is exactly what our business has been lacking. CA-One team has been phenomenal with their customer support. 

Rick E.

Oakland, CA

For Candidates

What ezyhire do to make your job search easy.

  • Hand Picked Job Search

    Job alerts for your targeted career profile

  • Daily status meetings

    Video meetings for daily job updates

  • Get Hired Smarter

    Stay ahead of the competition and get hired in the right company

For Candidates

Benefits of using ezyhire

Saves You Time

Instead of you looking for a job. ezyhire helps you find the right jobs.

Dedicated Assistance

Daily conversations with recruiters to discuss job opportunities.

Extract Quality Jobs

Recruiters can steer you toward hidden openings.

Our Platform Features

Main features of our platform to have an idea of what we are offering for our clients

Sign up and User Dashboard Module

Employee Management

Payroll Management

Timesheet Management

Online Payment and Invoice Module

24*7 Quick