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Agile and DevOps are very popular and common approaches in the software development industry. about these two methodologies. Let us understand what is the key difference between Agile versus DevOps.

Agile is a philosophy about how to develop and deliver software, while DevOps describes how to continuously deploy code through the use of modern tools and automated processes.

In the modern software industry, DevOps and Agile both are for advanced development. DevOps enables collaboration between development and operation teams, while the Agile methodology makes developers and development cycles more efficient. 

In this article you will find definitions of DevOps and Agile, Advantages and limitations.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development methodology that enables teams to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably by incorporating agile principles and practices, such as increased automation and improved collaboration between development and operations teams. Development, testing, and deployment occur in both agile and DevOps. 

Unlike traditional software development practices, DevOps is an ongoing process of building, testing, deploying, and monitoring. Its main goal is to continuously deliver quality software properly. 

Incorporating DevOps has several noteworthy benefits, such as faster, reliable, and easily integrated deployments.  

The principles of DevOps are based on six main ideologies: continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous deployment, continuous operations, and continuous collaboration. Combining two distinct departments and processes (development and operations) and bringing them together leads to increased transparency and concentration on automated testing. 

What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and rapid releases. 

Agile development breaks down processes into smaller units called ‘sprints’ that typically last from two weeks to a month. The Agile methodology focuses on incremental deployments of each sprint and integrating them for final testing. It can be implemented using tools such as Kanban board, Scrum, XP, Active Collab, etc. 

What are the similarities/differences between agile and DevOps?

  • Agile emphasizes collaboration between developers and product management — DevOps includes the operations team
  • Agile centers the flow of software from ideation to code completion — DevOps extends the focus to delivery and maintenance
  • Agile emphasizes iterative development and small batches — DevOps focuses more on test and delivery automation 
  • Agile adds structure to planned work for developers — DevOps incorporates unplanned work common to operations teams

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