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We are excited to announce that we recently launched a new application –ezyhire (a product of CA-One Tech Cloud Inc).

ezyhire is a global Payroll and Workforce Hiring Platform where you can easily manage your employee’s payroll as well as you can fill roles and skill gaps quickly and confidently, whether full-time, part-time, or contract-based across 200+ countries.

Checkout few main features of our platform to have an idea of what we are offering for our clients:-

a) Sign up, and User Dashboard Moduleb) Employee Management Modulec) Payroll Management Moduled) Timesheet Management Modulee) Online Payment and Invoice Modulef) 24*7 Quick Support and many more…

ezyhire is designed for all types of organizations like small, Medium, Large, and startup businesses companies that have a team but have difficulties in managing payroll and looking for services. Apart from that we also offer employee onboarding services like hiring team, background checks, compliances, and local laws.

We are totally committed to the HR sector, providing not only our outstanding core Recruitment & Search but developing a platform for the vertical market to manage payroll, employers management dashboard, international taxes, and compliance, something which we are extremely proud of.

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